Press Release

Seemonkey is a digital photobooth software that allows you to setup a photobooth and then allow your guests to easily operate it themselves. It takes just one press of the button to operate.

All you need is a laptop, webcam or digital camera, and printer. When a guest presses the button, Seemonkey takes 3 pictures in a row and then prints them out as a photostrip, just like the old fashion booths.

Seemonkey currently supports Windows XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). For cameras, it can use just about any USB webcam, certain Canon PowerShot cameras (Windows XP & 7 only), and most Canon EOS DSLRs (Windows XP, Vista & 7). Any photo printer will work, as long as it can print on 4x6 photo paper.