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How It Works

Seemonkey allows you to setup a photobooth and let your guests take pictures of themselves. Everything is automatic!

Seemonkey is a digital photobooth software that allows you to setup a photobooth and then allow your guests to easily operate it themselves. It literally just takes one press of the button to operate!

First, the photobooth is setup. You can read the equipment page to view what's required and how to set it up. Basically you need a laptop (or desktop) running Windows XP, Vista, or 7; a printer, and a webcam or compatible digital camera.

Once the equipment is connected and turned on, you just have to double click on the "Seemonkey" icon to start the program. Now it's ready for guests, simple as that.

A guest walks up to the laptop, where the instructions tell them to "Press the spacebar to start". Once they press the space bar, the software then takes 3 pictures of them (with a short pause in between so they can reposition themselves).

When all 3 pictures have been taken, the software shows them the photos, then automatically prints them out.

The photos are assembled into two identical vertical strips, and printed on 4 x 6 photo paper. As soon as they're done printing, guests can tear the strip in two along the perforation and they'll have two photostrips.

They can put one of the photostrips in a guestbook with some personal comments and take the other home as a souvenir, or have two strips to share!

The entire process is automated, only takes one button press to operate, and does all the work for you. Just make sure there's enough paper & ink and you're free to enjoy the event yourself.